11 March 2010

Iklan Dibayar Per mile (CPM) dan Per click (CPC)

Buat anda yang iklannya jarang di Klik, (seperti saya) boleh coba iklan yang tidak hanya di bayar perclik. Iklan CPM anda akan dibayar berdasarkan jumlah pengunjung. Berikut beberapa layanan yang menggunakan CPM


◊ Huge amount of ad campaigns on cost per mile (cpm) and cost per click (cpc) basis for all worldwide countries.
◊ Supports graphical ads with dimensions 728x90, 300x250, and 728x300 pixels.
◊ International publishers are welcome.
◊ On time fast payments via PayPal, MoneyBookers and
LibertyReserve with no minimum.
◊ Simply 10% affiliate program.
◊ No hiden fees for using this system, for payments etc

Untuk mendaftar silakan disini...


Welcome at skycpm.com - CPM/CPT system. We are offering high-quality traffic for our advertisers, and clean, running, pop-up free system for publishers. CPM is based on eCPM system, so it depends on many factors like total coutry tiers or advertisement efectivity.

We recommended to view SkyCPM.com banners only at websites that have more than 100 pageviews daily. You are liable for viewing advertisements at visible positions at normal websites. Never use clicking bots, clicking on your own banners don't raise your balance, but may decrease it. Also your CRT (click rate) must be higher than 0.1%.

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